Locksmith IQ provided lockout services for keys locked in trunk.

Keys Locked in Trunk

Keys Locked in Trunk   With all of the new technology being put into cars these days to make our lives easier, there are still moments where it actually does the opposite. To help improve security on a vehicle, some manufacturers have completely removed the keyhole from the outside of the car’s trunk. This prevents […]

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Door Buzzer in Rancho Cucamonga

How to Find a Door Buzzer in Rancho Cucamonga

Door Buzzer in Rancho Cucamonga A Door Buzzer in Rancho Cucamonga serves a noble purpose at the presence of any home, it’s what alerts you that there is a visitor at the door and helps you know exactly who it is and if you want to let them in. Well the basic ones simply involve having […]

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How to get your home rekeyed

Home Rekey Services In Rancho Cucamonga

When and why should you rekey your home? If you purchased a new home, before you move in to your new property you should always get a complete home rekey done. I know when you close escrow, your realtor will hand you the all the keys that he/she has and received from the previous home owner, however […]

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Free Unlock when A Child or Pet is locked inside your car, home or business.

Free Lockout Service

Free Lockout Service in Rancho Cucamonga Locksmith IQ is committed to helping our community and we refuse to take advantage of any emergency situation. For this reason, we offer a totally FREE Lockout service in during an emergency situation.   Emergency Free Lockout service will be approved when: A child is locked inside a car, house or commercial […]

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