Get a complete house rekey today with Locksmith IQ

House Rekey Services in Ontario

House Rekey Services Outside of the locksmith industry, the phrase “to rekey your house” is one that most people have never heard, and it can cause a lot of confusion. What does it mean? Is it good or bad? Is it at all similar to keying a car? To help ease your confusion, we’ve put […]

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Residential Locksmith Image

Residential Locksmith in Ontario

Residential Locksmith Over the course of their lives, most people accumulate a variety of locks and keys. These keys could be for a car, a company, or even your own home. In fact, most people have a wide variety of different locks in their own homes without even realizing it. There are locks on your […]

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Emergency Lockout locksmith services

Emergency Lockout in Ontario

Emergency Lockout Have you ever locked your keys in your car? Accidentally left them on your kitchen counter? Or have you lost them somewhere in the supermarket parking lot and had no idea where they were? Essentially, have you ever been completely and utterly locked out of your car, business, or home? If you answered […]

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Mobile Locksmith in Rancho cucamonga

The Right Mobile Locksmith

Have you ever experienced seeing your keys inside your car while your car doors are locked? It might seem like it happens only in the movies but it happens in real life too. People cannot help but feel frustrated because they are so near and yet so far. Instead of bawling your eyes out or […]

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Reasons why you should hire a locksmith

What are Reasons Why People Hire a Locksmith Service?

There are a lot of people who assume that locksmiths are still stuck in the past wherein they still do not know how to handle things that will help with people’s security in the future. Things have changed tremendously over the past years.  Gone are the days when the jobs of locksmiths are limited. Right […]

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Locksmiths are there to help when you loose your keys

Locksmiths and Other Facts

Locksmiths and Interesting Facts How many keys do you currently have on your key ring? Do you have more than 5? According to recent studies, a lot of people actually like having a bunch of keys in one ring. It is likely that the reason why people have so many keys is because they are […]

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Finding the proper locksmith for your needs

Finding the Proper Locksmith to Suit Your Needs

Finding the right locksmith Rancho Cucamonga can be a hard task to do especially if you do not know anyone who can recommend a worthy locksmith that they already know and trust. You may want to check out different locksmith companies that are advertising online but there is always a chance that you will come […]

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Choosing a Residential Locksmith

Things to Look For When Choosing a Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmith Have you not thought about what a locksmith can do for you? More often than not, people do not even think about hiring locksmiths even if they are having some problems with their house’s security. Locksmiths can actually help us become safer and secure inside our very own homes and this is the […]

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Tips when looking for the right locksmith

Looking for the Right Locksmith

Finding the Right Locksmith Looking for a locksmith is not something that people do every day. Most of the time, people only remember that they need locksmiths when something has already happened. For instance, people will only realize that they need locksmiths when their homes have already been broken in. More often than not, people […]

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Finding the right commercial locksmith

The Right Commercial Locksmith for Your Needs

The Right Commercial Locksmith Choosing the right locksmith can be a hard task to do if you do not know your current needs. Contrary to what people believe in, people can always have the services that they would like to get with the right locksmith. Here may be some things that will help you understand […]

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