What You Need To Know When You Lock Yourself 

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Being locked out of a vehicle, home or office can be a frustrating or even dangerous experience. It can happen at any time of the day or night. When you are alone and locked out of a car in a remote location fear is the most common reaction. The same is true if you are locked outside of your home in the middle of the night. All it takes is being distracted for a moment, and a lockout can happen. It is too easy to close a door and the moment it latches, you experience the anxiety of knowing that you left the keys on the inside. Most of us make at least one attempt to pick the lock or somehow reach the locking mechanism to gain entry. On a rare occasion, it will work, but most of the time it is a fruitless venture that can cause damage to the existing locking system. The fastest and easiest solution to this problem is to contact a locksmith.

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Types of Locksmiths

Not all locksmith companies perform the same types of services. Some offer traditional services and others have more advanced methods for addressing the needs of people using newer security technology. Recent advancements in security technology have brought about more complicated locking systems that require the use of passwords, codes or special entry keys. Gaining access can involve the need for specialized training and equipment.The same is true for computerized or chipped automobile keys. While most companies offer emergency lockout assistance, not all offer this feature. It’s good to be aware of how locksmiths differ in the services that they can offer so you can make the right choice when you need help. Some companies specialize in residential, automobile or emergency assistance while others specialize in commercial, industrial or forensic settings. Here is a listing of the different types of locksmiths and the services that they provide.

Emergency Locksmith

The emergency locksmith maintains a service that is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Lockouts can occur at any time of the day or night. These locksmiths are generally available around the clock and provide a variety of different services including repair of broken locks, jammed doors or other emergency security and access situations. When choosing the right emergency locksmith it is important to make sure that they specialize in the type of lock that you’re having an issue with. For example, a basic locksmith may not have the expertise or necessary equipment to deal with a more complicated security system.

Residential Locksmith

This locksmith specializes in locks and security systems which are associated with residences. It is the most common type and they generally deal with lockout situations or lost keys. They are able to make keys to replace lost or broken keys, help unlock residential doors. They also assist when more advanced home security systems malfunction or when a code is forgotten. The majority of residential locksmiths keep up with the latest home security technology so they an assist in any residential security or lock related situation.

Commercial Locksmith

A commercial locksmith provides services mainly to institutions, agencies and offices including schools, hospitals and businesses. They are proficient in working with more advanced security systems that use authorization cards or key cards. They work with clients who use bio metric systems when there is a problem with the locking or security systems.

Forensic Locksmith

This type of locksmith is called in when there is a crime scene. They use specialized tools which are used to determine how the security system or lock was broken into or bypassed. This special type of locksmith is trained in techniques that help to preserve evidence while they are performing their assessments. The provide law enforcement with useful information that may be used in prosecution cases.

Auto Locksmith

Auto locksmiths mainly deal with cars, trucks and other types of vehicles. They are commonly called upon to make keys which must be duplicated or replaced. They provide lockout services to help gain access and provide repairs for keys which are broken and stuck in the ignition, trunk or the lock of a car door. They also work with auto manufacturing companies to replace newer model auto keys which are chipped.

Institutional Locksmith

This kind of locksmith is a lot like the commercial locksmith. They generally specialize in providing their services to universities, schools, hospitals, mental health agencies and similar businesses. They usually work with security systems of the institution and are paid employees who are also considered to be members of the staff. They conduct regular inspections of the security system, make needed repairs and replace access cards for staff who lose theirs. They also take the necessary steps to address a breach in the security system to ensure that only authorized users have the ability to gain access.

This list provides you with information on the different types of locksmiths which are available and the kinds of services that each provides. As with any type of service, there are some locksmith companies which offer a broad range of services so they may indeed offer any combination of the services which are listed above.
Equipment used in locksmith services

The better locksmiths will have on hand a complete inventory of all of the necessary tools and equipment to address the services that they say that they provide. High quality locksmith equipment can be expensive. This is one of the reasons why some locksmiths who are just starting out in the business only offer minimal services. As with any business, it takes time to work your way up to offering a full range of services. They may in fact be very good at what they do, but may not be able to address all of your locksmith needs at this time.
Lock and keying equipment

The following equipment is needed for the installation and repair of locks. This includes re-keying. Locksmiths carry with them replacement locks, pick sets, pins and pinning kits and wrenches. More skilled locksmiths who have been trained in dealing with biometric systems, electromagnetic and electronic locks will also use an ILCO machine for making keys.

Emergency Lockout Equipment

For years the traditional tool that has been used for unlocking car doors is the Slim Jim. This is still a popular choice, but in the hands of an inexperienced user, it can cause damage to the lock.

Keying Machine

A keying machine is the equipment which is used to make duplicate or replacement keys. If a keying machine is not available, a locksmith can use a key cutter which come in a few different types including automatic, tubular, semi-automatic or manual. Newer vehicles require the use of transponder keys in order to start the engine. In order to make these keys work, the use of a code machine is required.

Equipment For Locked Doors

Picking tools are the most frequently used type of locksmith equipment for opening locked doors without a key. A cylinder cracker is used in more difficult situations where the pick is not effective. It is used for opening challenging manual locks.

Lock pick sets include a variety of tools that are designed for opening manual locks. They include manual picks, tension wrenches, lever picks and key turners. The key turner molds itself to the turners of the lock so it is nearly as effective as using the key designed for the lock.

What To Look For In  Locksmith

The best locksmith will be one who has the capacity to provide the exact services that are needed in a timely manner and for a reasonable cost. Too often, we only call on a locksmith in emergency situations when we need them right away. There is no time to browse through internet advertisements or check out the latest customer reviews. The best plan is to make a few advanced preparations and have the number of a dependable locksmith or locksmith company on hand just in case.

Emergency Services

The better locksmiths will have a solid record for providing fast response times when customers really need them. So many situations that we encounter in life are time sensitive. Society has created the need for multi-tasking and moving directly from one activity to another. This is as true in our personal lives as it is in the business world. A locked door can mean that important data cannot be accessed in a timely manner. It can have a domino effect on the efficiency of a business or agency. Being locked outside of a vehicle with no other means of transportation can place a person in harm’s way. There are many different scenarios in which fast and dependable locksmithing services are vital. Not all locksmiths offer emergency services, so it is a good idea to find one that offers around the clock assistance for customers.


Look for a locksmith that has a good record for showing up when they say that they will. They should also carry the necessary tools and equipment with them so they are prepared for any type of lock problem that relates to your situation. A part of dependability is being properly trained and prepared to solve your lock issue with a single trip.
Reasonable rates
Most locksmiths offer competitive charges for the services that they provide. Not all adhere to this principle so it pays to find out what the costs for services will be in advance. You don’t want to get taken advantage of by a company only to find out that there was another one nearby with great service and lower rates.


The locksmith that you choose should be properly trained for the type of job that you need to be done. For example, if you have a simple lockout of a manual door lock, the odds are that most will be able to help you out. If you are dealing with a more complicated security system, you’ll need the assistance of a technician who is fully trained and has the proper equipment to deal with the type of system that is in use. Locksmithing can range from a series of simple techniques and tools to more complicated requirements.

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