Emergency Auto LockoutsEmergency Auto Lockouts

When travelling by your car, one of the most embarrassing and humiliating things you can do is to lock your car keys inside your car. A situation like this not only cuts short your immediate plans, but also causes havoc with your whole trip. When faced with such unfortunate events, don’t panic, try one of the emergency lockout tricks below to help you reunite with your car keys and quickly be on your way.

Use a Slim Jim

A Slim Jim, which resembles a large knife, is a special type of a metallic strip designed to unlock car doors by accessing the lock system located inside the car door. You are required to slide the metal strip between the narrow opening of the door glass and car door, and then slide the metal down into the door. Once you locate the car’s lock system, twist the metal strip until it wraps around the wire, and then pull it up. However, it is not easy to come by Slim Jims since they are primarily used by locksmiths and law enforcement workforce.

Use a Steel Rod and Philips Head Screwdriver

This method works for horizontal unlock buttons, or at least level enough buttons that can be pushed with an object. Get a Philips head screwdriver/ flat head screw driver, insert it in the top of the car door and pry it open until it fits. Maneuver the car antenna in the crack until you are capable of pushing the unlock button. This method will work on your car door without doing any damage.

Pick your Car Lock

Picking a car’s lock is a good idea for older cars- mainly cars that are not operated by sensor keys. If your car falls in this category, spray its lock with sufficient amount of WD-40. This method will be easier and fruitful if you use large safety pins, straight pins or straightened paper clips. Insert one of such pins directly into the wet keyhole, then twist the pin in different directions until the door unlocks.

Use a Coat Hanger or Lasso

This is one method that is familiar to most people. You can easily create your own lasso by securely tying a piece of thin string into a loop around the tip of a metal or wood. The string should be thin enough to pass through the top of the car side door window and car door frame. If you opt to use a hanger, straighten the wire and securely bend its hooked end into a circular shape. Then, slide the hanger between the window and the car’s door frame and lower the circular end around the flat section of the door’s unlocking system, and then pull it up. However, if your car doesn’t have the interior lock system, try to press the mechanical mechanism to open your car’s door.

Use an Inflatable Wedge

Unlike the metal objects such as the screwdrivers and coat hangers, inflatable wedges uses air to force the car door open hence avoiding damaging of the car paint. The moment the inflatable wedge creates enough space for an access tool to be inserted, all you require is to have patience and a quick and accurate hand.

Use a Long Shoelace with a Slipknot

The shoestring method only works on locking mechanisms that can unlock by the pull-up technique. If you opt to use this method, you need to tie a small loop in the middle of your shoelace, work the string into the door, pull the loop tight around the lock and then pull it up. This method requires patience if you are not a pro, but it works nonetheless.

Use a Long Plastic Strap

Apart from the inflatable wedge, a plain plastic can get the job done. Get a long strip of plastic which is bent in half and slide it through the crack of the door. However, this method only works for pull-up locks.

Use a Tennis Ball

This technique requires you to heat up a screw driver and pierce a tennis ball with it while keeping the ball from tearing and expanding. The pressure generated by the tennis ball is enough to door locks open.

Remote Possibility

Cars equipped with Remote keyless Entry systems can enable users open their cars to retrieve the keys that have been locked inside. However, in the event that the remote entry is locked along with the keys, you can contact an OnStar operator and have your car unlocked through as signal sent via a cellular network.

Use a Long Metal Rod

As long as you can flip the top part of the door just a little bit open, you can use a wooden/ air wedge and a metal rod to unlock your car. First, slide the wooden wedge through the top part of the door. Use the air wedge to pump air in order to get more separation between the car and the door. Gently, keep pushing the wooden wedge until you obtain a sizable gap. Finally, slide the metal rod through the gap created and unlock your car door using the side locking mechanism.

Use Car Antenna

This method is most appropriate for some older model cars which have specific outer handles. Carefully unscrew the antenna and maneuver it through the inner door handle until it starts jiggling. Once you feel a connection, push the antenna forward for the door to unlock.

Use Your Car’s Windshield Wiper

Most windshields can easily be removed and this can save you from calling a locksmith to unlock your car door. As long as your car window is slightly open, carefully remove the wiper from the front of the car and use it to either grab the car keys or even unlock the button on the side of the door.

Call Emergency Security Personnel

If you need help, call emergency auto lockout security personnel and ask if they can be able to open your car door. If not, request them to send a local locksmith who can make you a new key using your unique key code number.