Emergency Unlocking Vehicles

Emergency Unlocking Vehicles

To save yourself the incredible frustration of being locked out of your car, here are some interesting tips for emergency unlocking a vehicle.

A locksmith must gain access to your vehicle’s lock from outside the car. To do this, he/she must create a gap between the door and the interior of the car by using some type of wedge. Most locksmiths will exercise caution when trying to do this because they do not want to damage the car’s upholstery, so they will choose between a metal or plastic wedge. An inflatable air-wedge is another possibility, as it can be inserted in its flat state and then pumped up to form a gap between a window and its weather-stripping.

Once the locksmith has created a gap, he/she will probably use what is called a reach tool to gain closer access to the car’s locking mechanism. The long reach tools in a locksmith’s kit may be flat ended or have a loop at the end, to facilitate the locksmith’s task of pushing buttons down, or pulling them up, or they may have been made with special bends and flexes in them to help a locksmith maneuver their way around the interior of your vehicle. A tool called a Slim Jim may also be part of the kit, or several of them, because Slim Jims are made for many makes of car. If all else fails, the locksmith will probably resort to the use of professional lock picking tools and also the use of an automotive torsion wrench which puts tension on the lock so that it springs apart once a professional locksmith has picked it open.

There are loads of simple or tricky ways that can help you get back into your car if you have somehow locked yourself out and you are not ready yet to call a locksmith. One method for gaining entry to a car with a pull-up lock mechanism on the top of the door, is to use a shoe lace. Just tie a strong knot into a shoe lace, work the shoe lace in around the outside of the car door, maneuver the knot over the lock button and pull up on the shoe lace. Hey presto, you’re in!

The old unlock-the-car-door-with-an-unbent-coat-hanger trick is said to still be workable. You can try this one by reshaping a coat hanger with your hands so that it has a hook at one end. Now you just have to insert the hook end inside the weather stripping on the window and move it around until you find the locking mechanism.

The tennis ball method works on YouTube videos, so maybe it will work for you as well. All you need to do is make hole in a tennis ball, (with a screwdriver, or something similar) place the tennis ball with the hole on top of the door lock and push in quickly on the tennis ball. The pressure will force the lock button to pop open.

The quickest way to actually break into your car is by using a long metal rod and a Phillips Head screwdriver. You probably won’t have these items with you, so go to the nearest hardware store and buy them; you can keep them in case you need them again. Now, as you use the Phillips Head screwdriver to make a gap between the car’s door and its frame, insert the long metal rod inside this gap and aim it towards the unlock button. When you locate the unlock button, push down and the car door will open. You will need a bit of strength to be able to do both of these things at the same time, but it’s an efficient method of getting into a locked car.

If by a lucky chance, you can still get into the boot or rear hatch of your car, you may be able to move the back seat aside and get back into the driver’s seat – that’s if your car keys were locked inside the car. Some new cars will not let you lock the doors if your car keys are still inside. A small magnetic metal box with a spare car key inside it can be stuck onto the body of the car, in a place where no-one else can see it.

For creative thinkers and those who think outside the box, there is something that you can buy from a Chemist shop that will also help you to gain access to the inside of your car. The inflatable blood pressure cuff can be a very handy car-breaking tool and presumably so can many other inflatable, such as beach toys. The blood pressure cuff is strongly made though, so after you have used your fingers and hands to pry apart a ¼ inch gap between the top right hand corner of the door on the driver’s side, carefully slide the flat, uninflated cuff inside the gap until at least half of the cuff is between the car door and the body of your vehicle. Now inflate the cuff until you have managed to enlarge the gap between the car’s door and its body to the width of approximately one inch. Don’t widen the gap any further or you could damage the door or the window. You should now be able to insert a thin metal or plastic rod to push down on the car’s unlock button and if your car has been manufactured with pull-up style unlock buttons, you should be able to make a hook in the end of the metal rod, similar to the one you would make if you were using a coat hanger.

All of these tips may help you get back into your vehicle if you have locked yourself out, but sometimes it’s a good idea to just call your local automobile assistance club and get some professional help to get back into your car. Or you could purchase one of the commercially made inflatable kits just in case you lose your car keys again.

Article written by Jaycel Curry