If you own any type of business that occupies a large space, you should be cognizant of the fact that there are more local laws in place for your commercial enterprise than any other structure. The primary reason for these laws is because of how many people tend to be inside of the building, which can easily create a problem with safety if people cannot exit your building a swift manner. The most important tool in making sure that people are able to get out of the building in a quick and easy manner is the panic bar, which is installed on a door so that people can escape with minimal effort, even if their hands are full. The panic bar should be mounted on enough doors to pass the local laws, as required by your city or state, and should always be in working order. If your panic bar is broken, Locksmith IQ can help to repair it. This article will explore how to have your panic bar repaired, and how to contact Locksmith IQ for your repair efforts.
Panic bar repair in Rancho CucamongaPanic bar repair in Rancho Cucamonga and surrounding areas is very important because of the size of these local businesses. Many buildings hold several hundred people, and as a result, they require a lot of panic bars on your designated exits from the building. Some of these exits should be marked very clearly and used by customers, while others should be marked for your employees to ensure a safe egress strategy. The panic bar relies on a spring within the door’s mechanism, and when pushed, it will open the door and allow for many people to leave the building through a much wider door frame. The panic bar can break because of too much use, which will mean that the spring does not function properly anymore, but it can also break because of too much force being applied in the improper manner. If the lock is not working on the panic bar, you should have this fixed, since people can accidentally open the door, or can break in without being noticed. Locksmith IQ has a lot of experience in dealing with panic bars and similar instruments on your doors, and will make sure that the job is done properly, no matter what the core issue may be. If the spring is broken or if the lock is not functioning in the proper order, Locksmith IQ will be able to inspect the mechanism and fix all of the non-working parts for you.
To get more information about your panic bars and how many of them are required for your building, you can visit your state website for laws about the area and its building codes. In addition, you can talk to a local authority about the status of your doors and panic bars. If your panic bar is broken and in need of repair, contact Locksmith IQ today, either by sending an e-mail to their office, or by placing a phone call.