If your home or business is in a questionable area, then it is probably necessary for you to be taking extra security measures. It sounds a bit like paranoia, but we are living in a dangerous world. Nowadays there are all kinds of crimes happening and there is not much that we as civilians can do about it aside from looking out for our own safety. There are several measures that you can take to make sure you feel safe in your home or business, but you need to be sure that these things are installed by a quality, trusted company who can ensure you that these things will be done correctly. One such company is Locksmith IQ. This is a company of trusted and fully licensed locksmiths who are able and authorized to do security work on your home or business. They are the place to call if you find yourself getting paranoid about the current climate of safety in the country. Locksmith IQ can install all sorts of security features for your home based on your needs and they can do so to your satisfaction. They can provide you with their expertise and give you recommendations as to what would be best implemented in your home for your particular set of safety needs.

Panic BarOne of the services offered by Locksmith IQ is panic bar installation in Rancho Cucamonga and surrounding areas. A panic bar is something which can be installed in your home or business for your safety and peace of mind. It is simply a device for unlocking a door in the case of an emergency. The panic bar consists of a metal bar which is spring loaded and attached to the inside of a door which opens outward. When someone presses on the bar the door is unlatched and all of the occupants are able to leave quickly. This is ideal for businesses in case of emergencies because there are a lot of people. If something happens in your store and people need to get out quickly it would be prudent to have a panic bad because as soon as someone ran towards the door and pressed against the bar it would open and everyone would be able to get out. Do not leave the fate of your home or business and all of the people inside to chance. Have a panic bar installed on your door today to make sure that you and everyone around you will be able to make a quick getaway in case of an emergency.

Locksmith IQ is more than able to handle all of your security needs including the installation of a panic bar. This could be a key security feature for your home or business. Make sure that you and the other occupants of your home or business are safe and able to leave in the instance of some sort of emergency with the acquisition of a panic bar from Locksmith IQ. They are a good and trusted company which is dedicated to your security so let them help you today.