Keys Locked in Trunk


With all of the new technology being put into cars these days to make our lives easier, there are still moments where it actually does the opposite. To help improve security on a vehicle, some manufacturers have completely removed the keyhole from the outside of the car’s trunk. This prevents anyone from picking the lock and gaining access to the trunk. However, this can make things more difficult for some of us individuals who have a hard time holding onto our keys!


Have you even been loading groceries into the trunk of your coupe or sedan and your keys accidently dropped into the trunk without you noticing? You finish loading the groceries then shut your trunk and realize that your keys are locked in the trunk. As a security feature of some of the new cars available today, there is no longer a keyhole on the outside of your trunk. On top of that, not all cars have a button inside of the vehicle to release the trunk. So now what?


One option you have would be to take your vehicle registration to the car dealership or to a locksmith and request a new key be created for you, however that is likely going to cost you several hundred dollars. Some locksmiths or auto shops may also require you to have the actual vehicle towed to them in order to have a new key created, costing you even more money.


The other option that you have is to contact Locksmith IQ. The locksmith technicians at Locksmith IQ are able to open your trunk quickly and affordably. Locksmith IQ is able to electronically release the trunk to your car without having a keyhole to pick and without causing any damages to your vehicle. Better yet, being a mobile locksmith service, you won’t have to come to us or have your vehicle towed anywhere because our locksmith technicians will come directly to you.


So remember, the next time your keys get locked in the trunk of your car, call Locksmith IQ for quick, professional and affordable service.