Kwikset Smart Key Locks:

I just want to let you know that I don’t suggest these type of locks to anyone period, because they are really easy to be brooking into, all you need is a flat head screw driver and a pair of pliers, and you will be in someone’s house. If you would like to see a proof on how easy you can open these locks without a key check out this video:

Ok if you see this video and you are a consumer then I hope that you make up your mind to not buy that type of lock.

How To rekey a Kwikset Smart Key Lock Without a Working Key.

Ok if you are trying to rekey the Kwikset smart key lock but you don’t have a key for it, I heard from many people and even Locksmith Schools that this can’t be done. That is not true because I believe that if a human created this lock and put it together, then I should be able to at lease put together also since I didn’t created so, here are the steps to get this done.

Take out the plug from the cylinder, you will need a pick tool to do so. kwikset smartkey plug remouval by

Take a look at the plug and see how it works. you will see that there is a side bar that keep the lock from turning unless the wafers are lined up correctly, also don’t be afraid of separating the plug into 2 parts.


NOTE: you don’t need to take out all these parts, all you need is the 2 major parts that will split as soon as you take out the plug.

Now grab some thick grease and put it on the surface of the kwikset plug (part N11).

Place the wafers (part number 10) in part number 11

Place a key in the keyhole and that is what will get the waiter in part number 3 to be placed in the right order so that the key will work.

Place the side bar in the groove of part 11 and make sure that the wafers are all in the middle, then squeeze the side bar with your fingers and make sure that the side bar is flash.

then put part number 11 together with part number 3, make sure that you will squeeze the spring (part 15 and then let it part 11 slide to position with the key still in the keyhole.

Congrats you now know how to rekey a smart key quickset lock. to see more explanation please watch the video in the bottom.

By: Locksmith IQ located in the city of Rancho Cucamonga