When and why should you rekey your home?

If you purchased a new home, before you move in to your new property you should always get a complete home rekey done. I know when you close escrow, your realtor will hand you the all the keys that he/she has and received from the previous home owner, however how sure are you that these are the only key copies that has been produce it for the locks of your property? The only way you will be sure of how many key copies are out there is if you do a complete home rekey on all of your locks. By doing so, you guarantee that the only people that have access to your properties are the ones who you gave the key to. Below are some examples of why you should do a home rekey.

  • You kicked somebody out of your property.
  • You just purchased the home.
  • You’ve lost  your keys.

How much you should pay for a home rekey?

Mobile locksmiths in the city of Rancho Cucamonga usually charge a trip fee that ranges from $49 to $75 dollars just to come to your properties. They then charge somewhere between $9.99 to $29.99 per lock or key hole that they will be rekeying, and that is not too much considering this has to do with your family and your valuables.

How Long does it take a locksmith to do a home rekey?

Typically a full home rekey shouldn’t take more than one hour, so when calling a locksmith to rekey your home make sure you can spare an hour of your time so they can do the right work and keep your house as safe as it should be.

How can you make sure that you are being charged a fair amount for a complete home rekey?

Get a quote before you a home rekey done so that when a locksmith shows up you know exactly how much he or she is going to charge you before they complete any work. Yes, a locksmith should be able to give you an exact quote for a home rekey before touching any hardware and before starting his work. If you don’t agree to the amount, you simply do not schedule the appointment. If you have the locksmith come to your home and then choose to not have any work done, you could end up still being required to pay the trip fee. So to save yourself paying for a trip fee, get an exact quote for your home rekey quote over the phone.

How to get an exact quote:

Make sure you count how many locks need to be rekeyed. When counting, be sure to count all of the key holes. For example: if you have a lock that contains a double cylinder (meaning you need a key to open the door both the inside and outside) that will be considered 2 key rekeys.

Make sure you know the brand name if your lock (Ex: kwickset, schlage, baldwin, medeco…. etc.).

With all of this information you should be able to obtain an exact quote over the phone and you will eliminate paying a trip fee for a locksmith if you feel that the quote amount is too high. You can then conduct a search and contact the next locksmith company in your city in an effort to obtain a more reasonable quote. For more information, please feel free to contact us at any time: 909 440 0904.

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