Car Lockout Scams – How does it happen?

Lockout scams is becoming popular since there are locksmith sharks out there that take advantage of people that need a car lockout service, home or business. They know you need to be somewhere and they try to bank on that. This is why you need to be really careful, and don’t hesitate to call more than one locksmith office to get the right Lockout quote. I was amazed when I saw this video so I decided to share it and to blog about it.

The Video is called shady locksmiths and to be honest it is shady, I mean they charged a lady a little over $100 for a simple car unlock. and the reason why, is because they have all types of google ads that put them a head of the competition, and when they answer the phone they will give you a quote that you like, but as soon as they get to you and they see that you are in a rush, the whole scenario change and the bill is doubled if not tripled.

How To Prevent Lockout Scams In Your City.

  • Be firm on the phone, make sure you tell the dispatcher that the quote for unlocking your car that you were giving over the phone is what you will be paying when the tech gets to you, otherwise don’t waist your time.
  • Call more than one locksmith to receive more than one car unlock quote .
  • As you are waiting try to get some reviews about that locksmith company that you are waiting for, if you see any red flags than call the next best car lockout comapany.
  • When the locksmith tech shows up make sure you don’t show that you are under stress or in a harry. that way you don’t feel like they can take advantage of you, and if you did not like the price, simply tell them never mind I will call the next locksmith company.

Also when the locksmith tech finish their job check out our post about Car Lockout Damage, so you can tell if they caused any damages to your vehicle.

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Car Lockout scams and how you can prevent them