How To Unlock A Car?

Car lockout services are usually done by either a towing company technician or a locksmith technician. Both types of service technicians are capable of unlocking your vehicle. Since there is more than one way to unlock a car or truck, each technician will open your vehicle using different techniques. However, if the technician assisting you is not careful, DAMAGES CAN HAPPEN. If you as an owner are not paying attention, you could end up paying the technician without noticing any damages that occurred during the unlocking of your car.


How Car Lockout Can Damage Your Vehicle?

Car Lockout using a slimjim

Car Lockout Using A Slim-Jim (what can happen?)

If the technician is using a Slim-Jim, it is a slim metal tool which goes inside the door panel to unlock your car. If the technician is not careful, they can accidentally break things inside the door. Although your car door might open at the moment, it could possibly not work in the near future. You may question: how would I know if the locksmith technician is using the slim-jim the right way? It is easy because when using the Slim-Jim, the technician should not be using any excessive force. This operation should be done using minimal force, so if you notice the technician pulling really hard on the Slim-Jim or jerking the tool in an effort to unlock your vehicle, then he/she is likely not using the tool correctly. Incorrect use of the Slim-Jim could result damage to your vehicle.


Where to place an air wedge when unlocking a car.

Car Lockout Using the Long Bar and the Air wedge.

This is one of the most popular tools used to unlock a car or truck. This is also an effective way since the technician can see where the lock knob is located. If you are watching the technician as they are working, you will likely be focusing on the door knob. However, in order for the locksmith technician to be able to enter the long bar or “lock knob lifter”, they have to use something called air wedge. The air wedge is a great tool for car lockout as it props the door open just enough to get the long bar inside your car. However, if the technician used the air wedge to prop the car door away from the body more than they should your car door could end up being damaged as a result. Most people do not usually notice the damage because they are so happy that their vehicle has been unlocked. If your vehicle is damaged, you will most likely first notice once you are driving with all of your car windows rolled up. You will start to feel or even hear some air leaking inside. If this occurs, step out of your car and look at the top of your door as it is closed. If it is damaged, you will likely see that the top of the door is bent. 

Another damage that can be caused by this car lockout method is scratching the inside of your car frame. This can occur if the technician does not wedge the door wide enough.

How To Prevent Car Lockout Damages?

  • Try to not forget your keys.
  • Call a locksmith professional and try to stay a way from the companies that offer $10 lockouts (most often you get what you pay for!)
  • Make sure you let the technician know that you are aware of the possible damages and nicely ask them to be very careful.
  • Before the Locksmith or tow truck technician leaves, make sure to check your car door for any damages.
  • Most importantly, do not use a clothes hanger to try to unlock your vehicle. Clothes hangers usually will not unlock your car and you end up causing damage to your own vehicle.


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