Free Lockout Service in Rancho Cucamonga

Locksmith IQ is committed to helping our community and we refuse to take advantage of any emergency situation. For this reason, we offer a totally FREE Lockout service in during an emergency situation.


Emergency Free Lockout service will be approved when:

  • A child is locked inside a car, house or commercial building.
  • A pet is locked inside a car.

In any of the above situations, Locksmith IQ will be more than happy to provide you with the fastest lockout services without any compensation.


Why Do We Offer Free Lockout Service?

Locksmith IQ has chosen to offer a free lockout service for auto, homes or businesses with the above situations because we know that in the event of an emergency, you do not have time to shop around for the right quote. Since you won’t have time to shop for the best quote, you could ended up paying more than you should depending on the locksmith company you contact. When you have a lockout emergency, your only options are to contact a locksmith right away or spend time waiting for a family member to bring you a copy of your keys. By the time your family member is able to reach you and unlock your car, home or business for free, it could be too late. When you have a loved one or pet locked inside a hot car, you need to get the lockout service taken care of immediately. Locksmith IQ understands the urgency of these situations which is why we offer a completely free lockout service. We view and treat each person as a family member and nothing will make us happier then seeing you reunited with your pet or loved one.


Please Note: In case of an emergency that involves a child or a pet locked inside your car; contact the Locksmith IQ for a free lockout service as soon as possible before making any attempts to unlock the car yourself (do that while you are waiting for the locksmith service provider to show up).


Locksmith IQ is located in the city of Rancho Cucamonga, CA. If you think that we are too far and may possibly not reach you and your emergency on time, you can try calling us if by a chance we have a service provider that is in your city to assist you with the free emergency lockout. In the event that we do not have a service technician in your area, make sure to call the locksmith provided closest to you or in the case of an emergency call 911.

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